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Tips About Lawn Mulching

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Beautiful

Having a well-cared-for lawn allows your property to look its best. For this, you must make time to take care of your lawn and make sure it receives the right amount of care it needs. If you are a busy homeowner and find it hard to take care of your lawn regularly, there are still ways you can take care of it and keep it healthy and beautiful. Some of these are through lawn mulching, fertilizing, and watering. Here are some tips on how to mulch and fertilize your lawn:

Make mulching a priority

Mulching is an excellent way to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. By properly applying mulch on your lawn, you’ll ensure that the soil will retain moisture and keep the ideal temperature levels. It also helps to keep weeds at bay and creates a barrier from the elements that keep your soil cool and moist and reduces evaporation. Use bark chips, shredded leaves, straw, or any other organic mulch, and keep it at least three inches away from the soil.

Remember to apply lawn fertilizer

One of the best ways to ensure that your lawn has what it needs is through fertilizing. It’s recommended to do a full lawn feeding around five to six times a year. Make sure to do heavier feeding during fall and lighter fertilizing during spring, and remember to apply the treatment before summer comes around since the high temperatures can cause the grass to go dormant.

These are some of the tips you can use to maintain your lawn’s health and aesthetic appeal. If you need help with the lawn care process, don’t hesitate to contact Family Landscaping LLC. We are based in Aloha, OR, and we provide top-notch lawn mulching solutions as well as other reliable services to our customers. Give us a call now at (971) 287-7718!